Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hawks Habit #4: Take Responsibility For Your Actions!

I believe that although it is important to remember that no one is perfect, everyone can be a better person tomorrow than they are today.  Life is difficult, and most of what happens to us as people boils down to the choices we make:  even in situations when nothing seems possible, how we choose to feel about what happens to us has the greatest impact on our personal lives.

It is easy to blame others for our mistakes.  Out of fear, shame, anger, or instinct our first response when something horrible happens is to say, "It wasn't me!"  We are only human, after all.

But I strive to be that person who can say, "It was me.  That was my choice."  And I want to be brave enough to be okay with it, because after all, it was my choice.

Make Good Choices!  LOL!

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